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Covid - Safe Accredited

2020 saw our country in lock down due to the spread of Covid-19. 

 We gained our Covid - Safe Accreditation & were able to stay open all during lock-down.


We ask that all visitors & clients follow the following rules when coming to visit:


  • Sign in at the Front gate using the QR Code.

  • Wash your hands using the soap bag provided at the front porch (garden)

  • Use hand sanitizer provided on arrival & prior to leaving

  • Bring no more than 2 adults to lessons. Please do not bring an entire family

  • Maintain social distancing


Nobody with the following symptoms will be allowed onto the property:

  • cough

  • cold or flu symptoms

  • headaches or fatigue

  • sore throat

  • feeling generally unwell

If you require Covid testing you will not be allowed to return until you have been cleared with a certificate that I need to sight & sign off.


We are committed to keeping our clients & visitors safe from this disease!



All students MUST have their own helmets & gloves for lessons as we are no longer providing them (due to Covid).

For a more details, please view the document below:

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