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I had lessons to prepare for a week long muster in the snowy mountains I found the guidance and lessons to be of great value as I was able to enjoy my time so much more as I was able to ride and really experience this time away Thank you Di and Flynn for allowing me to achieve my goals!!!!!


Kathryn Johnston


Calm Wood is a relaxed, no pressure environment for riders of various levels of experience to have fun while they develop their riding ability. The horses are happy and impeccably cared for, which was something very important to me in my decision of choosing a riding school. It is a great school to help young riders enter the competition arena or simply to enjoy the pleasure of horse riding & horsemanship. I would highly recommend Calm Wood Equestrian Centre.


Dominique Adriana de Vries

I have been having lessons with Diane Holden at Calmwood Equestrian Centre for five years, have leased a horse from her in the past and currently agist my horse at the Centre. Her knowledge & patience has been invaluable as I sought to regain my confidence to ride again and without her support, I would not be the owner of my beautiful horse. I have gone from a nervous rider to one who looks forward to a new riding challenge every time I get in the saddle.

Lisa Van Der Mye

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